Julie and I have been running 1 Park Row for over 14 years and have met people from every corner of the World!

Our philosophy is to offer a clean smart flexible offering that fits around the needs of our guests.

We have the weekday guests getting up early, grabbing a quick breakfast and coming in and out during the evening, perhaps going for a run in Farnham Park or meeting friends in the many local bars and restaurants.

We have the people on weekly courses where we let the use a microwave allowing them to keep their costs down, also perfect for ladies alone who do not want to dine out every night.

We have the wedding guests who all want to check in early and get up late.

1 Park Row has created a way to cater for you all, we do not offer a cooked breakfast but we do allow people to have breakfast at 7.30 am and even as late as 10.00am (You can often talk us into cooking some boiled or scrambled eggs)

We also do not fuss after you and allow you to relax and come and go as you please with our 24 hours automatic door locking system, the only thing we ask is that the people returning from a Wedding or a Party remember that there are probably other guests in the house.

Both Julie and I love running 1 Park Row, but do ask guests to remember, this is our home as well, it is a B&B not a Hotel, please let us know when you are arriving and always let us know in advance if you have special dietary needs.

We over communicate via email so please let us know when and what you will require during your stay at 1 Park Row.

We look forward to meeting you all over the coming months and years.

Best regards

Steve & Julie.